About us

The Windy City Game Lab is a hobby game studio based in Chicago. We design board & card games and develop web-based game tools.

Get involved

Interested in our games? Great! You can find announcements, rules previews, and printable prototypes, or give feedback, post ideas, and even volunteer to playtest at any of our social media platforms.

Chicago locals can get involved with playtesting more easily, but people from anywhere are encouraged to join in the discussion!

Meet the team

Sam "RedSam" Bredeson

Sam created the WCGL to house his game design ideas and game tool projects. His gaming history is rooted in Magic the Gathering, X-Wing, and Guild Ball, and his major game design goal is to merge the tactics and positioning of miniatures games with the small footprint and fast pace of trading card games.

This could be you!

Are you interested in joining the Windy City Game Lab as a designer, developer, or dedicated playtester? Contact us with some information about yourself and the kind of role you'd like to have.