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Yooper Scooper banner

The Yoop was just hit by another blizzard, and it's up to YOU to uncover some of the Keweenaw Peninsula's most famous landmarks. This was a big 'un, so put on your Kromer, grab your shovel, and get ready to dig!

Yooper Scooper is being submitted to the November 2019 18-card game design contest at Button Shy Games.

Players 1
Time 10 minutes
Status Complete
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The CIRCUIT banner

The CIRCUIT is a fast-paced fighting game that's a little bit Mortal Kombat and a little bit Mexican wrestling.

Two or three players each choose four fighters to face off in a hex-based ring. Move your fighters around the ring and play combat cards to knock-out, ring-out, or tap-out enemies and hype up the crowd. The first player to use three Finishing Moves wins!

Build a team of fighters and go head-to-head with other teams in the struggle for victory, glory, and the love of the crowd.

Players 2-3
Time 30-45 minutes
Status Development

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Knucklebones banner

Match rune patterns in your dice to score points in this game inspired by a family classic. Each rune has an action, so every roll can have a lasting effect on the game.

Players 1+
Time 30 minutes
Status Development

Print & play v0.1 (posted 2019-09-29)
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Bards of Bilindao

You are a bard performing at public stages, in taverns, and on street corners in the fictional renaissance-era city of Bilindao. You live for applause, but survive on food donated by satisfied patrons. Choose your performances carefully to stay fed and earn your place in the limelight.

Players 2-6
Time ~60 minutes
Status Design

Game status key


This game is still a concept. Some drawings or rough prototypes may exist, but the game hasn't been fleshed out or playtested yet.


This game is under initial design. It hasn't undergone rigorous playtesting and may still need balancing or core mechanic changes.


This game is actively being playtested to fine-tune the mechanics and balance the game elements.


We've taken this game as far as it goes. It's ready either for publication or submission to a publisher.